Memberships for FREE-Delivery

*"ANYTHING" includes restaurant delivery, delivery from other stores (not just grocery), errand running, and most other items (excluding alcohol and tobacco).

Restaurant delivery is available for any restaurant in the City Limits of Columbia, MO (i.e. Olive Garden, Chipotle, Taco Bell, etc.). On the restaurant ordering form, choose the Restaurant and Food Choice.

Delivery is only from stores that are in the City Limits of Columbia, MO (i.e. Slacker's, Walmart, Deal's Store, etc.). On the Personal Shopping ordering form, choose the Store and Items. All items must fit within a sedan (no large furniture, heavy equipment, etc.). Any items that require more than 1 driver to lift (approximately 40 lbs. for one item) will be charged an ADDITIONAL $6/stop for each extra driver needed.